Welcome to Dorset Park

This site was developed to address the community’s wishes for a website that offers centralized access to local information about the community, local services, and to promote events in Dorset Park. It builds on an earlier version developed by the Dorset Park Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC).  It was revised and updated through a collaborative effort between the Neighbourhood Action Partnership (NAP) Communications Committee, the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Dorset Park Work Team and residents from the Dorset Park community who were interested and committed to increasing communication in the neighbourhood.

This site’s purpose is to unite and inform all of us in Dorset Park, to better access services, share information and create discussions that will benefit our community. We aim to make important information about our community more available and in sync with our routines. We believe that a more connected Dorset Park starts with communication.

If you wish to start participating actively in the Dorset Park website, or wish to have your agency’s information shared on the site, please let us know at info@dorsetpark.com.